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Transforming Bottom Ash into Building Materials for Innovative Resource Management.

Our Waste to Energy unit in Bawana, Delhi, daily generates approximately 350 MT of bottom ash, a by-product of solid waste combustion. To address environmental and health concerns associated with the accumulation of bottom ash from power plants, we have implemented recycling initiatives to transform it into construction-related products.

Traditionally, bottom ash generated at power plants is stored in ash ponds or landfills, posing significant risks to the environment and human health in case of accidents or adverse events. At Re Sustainability’s Waste-to-Energy unit in Bawana, Delhi, we utilize controlled burning of non-recyclable and non – compostable municipal solid waste to generate about 350 MT of bottom ash daily.

Disposing of these large quantities of bottom ash in landfills is costly and also exposes the environment and surrounding communities to potential hazards. Research over the years has shown that bottom ash can be recycled, and the new forms can be safely used in construction or to manufacture construction-related products.

Disposing of such large quantities of bottom ash in landfills is not only expensive but also exposes the environment and nearby communities to potential hazards. Extensive research has demonstrated the recyclability of bottom ash, allowing its safe utilization in construction and the manufacturing of construction-related products.

To meet the high demand for sand in the infrastructure and construction industries, we recycle bottom ash into fine and coarse sand. Additionally, we manufacture paver blocks and bricks from this recycled material. These efforts have not only resulted in significant cost savings but have also eliminated the need for handling and disposal of bottom ash generated at our plants. Importantly, this approach has reduced our landfill footprint, minimized the risks associated with hazardous events, and supported our infrastructure solution projects by providing products made from recycled bottom ash.

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