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Safe & Responsible Industrial Waste Management For A Sustainable Future

We understand that effective waste management is crucial in preventing environmental degradation and safeguarding human health. At Re Sustainability, we specialize in sustainably managing solid and hazardous industrial waste generated by a range of industries, including factories, textile mills, mines, and more.

Our waste management solutions are designed to ensure flawless operations, with a focus on efficient segregation, environment-conscious logistics, responsible processing, and eco-friendly disposal of waste. We pride ourselves on our ability to treat and dispose of every type of waste material, regardless of its volume or content, while maintaining uncompromised regulatory compliance.

At Re Sustainability, we are committed to sustainability and environmental preservation. This is why everything we do is guided by our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies and practices, which underpin our approach to waste management.

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Industrial Waste Management For A Sustainable Future - Re Sustainability
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1.2+ Million Ton of Waste Handled Annually
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Managing Industrial Waste with Versatility

Effective industrial waste management demands specialized expertise to guarantee both safety and sustainability. Our team of specialists manages the entire lifecycle of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, from identifying the waste to collecting, transporting, and disposing of it, ensuring that your industrial processes have the least possible impact on the environment.

  • Toxic WasteSafely disposing of toxic industrial waste harmful to the environment and humans.
  • Liquid WasteManaging acidic chemicals, oils, alkalis, phenols, & residues, among others.
  • Solid WasteHandling & recycling a range of solid wastes that are hazardous to the ecosystem.
  • Metal WasteProcessing all types of wastes from automobiles, electronics, devices, and several industrial units.
  • Fuel & LubricantsManaging the fuel waste coming out of factories and manufacturing facilities.
  • Domestic  Hazardous Waste Safely disposing of Hazardous waste found in domestic zones harmful to humans & the environment

Major Industrial Facilities We Serve

  • Automobile Factories
  • Cement Production Plants
  • Textile Manufacturing Factories
  • Paper Manufacturing Plants
  • Steel Manufacturing Plants
  • Mineral Industry Sites
  • Sugar Production Facilities
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Fertilizer Production Plants

Impacts of Our Waste Management in Numbers

1.2+ Million

Tons Of
Waste Handled


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Balotra Waste Management Project Escrow Bank Account Number: 00000036192768099
Escrow Account Branch Name: JAIPUR COLLECTORATE
Deposit Amount: 229 Lacs
Update till Date: 31.03.2023
Rajasthan Waste Management Project Escrow Bank Account Number: 00000036192767823
Escrow Account Branch Name: SBI, Jaipur Collectorate
Deposit Amount: 253.64 Lacs
Update till Date: 31.03.2023