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Embracing the Circular Economy

Closing the Loop on Construction and Demolition Waste: Pioneering a Circular Economy for a Sustainable Future

At Re Sustainability, our commitment to sustainability through recycling construction and demolition waste is reflected in our comprehensive waste management and resource recovery practices. We prioritize the sorting of recyclable materials, such as plastic, scrap metal, cardboard, and wood, and transport them to material recycling facilities. Hazardous industrial waste, including asbestos, solvents, and paints, are isolated and treated in compliance with regulations. All other waste, mainly inert materials, is separated and recovered into several fractions, such as sand and concrete.

Our advanced waste processing systems effectively transform diverse wastes into valuable products, reducing the burden on natural resources and minimizing the need for river mining. We employ a thorough process of collection, transportation, segregation, processing, and management to ensure the highest levels of C&D waste recycling. Our digital capabilities and automated operations maximize efficiency while minimizing our carbon footprint.

As a leader in construction and demolition waste recycling, we are working towards closing the loop and creating a more sustainable future for everyone. By transforming waste into useful products and reducing reliance on natural resources, we contribute towards a cleaner and healthier environment, all while ensuring resource conservation through our waste management practices.

2,200 Tons of waste processed daily
India’s largest player Digital Monitoring of C&D
Waste at Diverse Locations
6+ state-of-the art facilities

Ensuring Resource Conservation Through C&D Waste Recycling

  • Resource RecoveryRecycling construction waste to convert them into materials like sand & aggregates.
  • Extensive CapacityFull-blown capacity to ensure 98.5% construction & demolition waste recovery rate.
  • Full-Blown ConversionConverting waste into tiles, paver blocks, and sand for the construction industry.
  • Optimum Usage90% of the waste is processed useful products for end-to-end usage factors.
  • Ultramodern Equipment Technical & manual capabilities to take care of debris on roads, construction sites, etc.

Our Products

A diverse array of everyday products made from recycled materials.


Recycled planters offer an artistic flair at a minimal cost. They are used for landscaping and beautification and are weather durable.

Interloack Pavers

Interlocking Pavers are used in landscaping and aid in drainage to keep water from pooling in the walkways and car parking areas.

Fine Sand

Fine sand consists of natural sand or crushed stone sand. It's hard, durable, clean, and used in structural eco-concretes reduces CO2 emissions.

Coarse Sand

Coarse sand is used with aggregate, water, and cement in the production of ready-mix concrete and helps reduce CO2 emissions.


Recycle bricks help cut construction costs and create climate-responsive designs. They can be used for the construction of boundary walls.


Recycled aggregates are made up of crushed cement, asphalt, and granite. Used for road construction, pipe-bedding and water filtration.

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C&D Waste Recycling Services Showcase

Our Construction & Demolition Waste Facility

Our Construction & Demolition Waste Facility

Our Construction & Demolition Waste Facility

Our Construction & Demolition Waste Facility