Embracing Diversity,
  • Empowering Careers
Providing Equitable Access to Career Opportunities

Diverse, Agile, Engaged

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental pillars of our organizational culture, and we are unwavering in our dedication to furthering representation within our company. We recognize that our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion must be integrated into all aspects of our business strategies, aligning with our broader environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. We firmly believe that in order to fully realize our vision and mission, we require the active engagement, energy, and collaborative spirit of a diverse workforce. Our team comprises over 19,000 individuals from varied locations and backgrounds, reflecting the strength of our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity.

Insights from Our Leadership on Diversity

Mr. M Goutham Reddy

Managing Director at Re Sustainability
As a global enterprise, we embrace individuals from diverse cultures, religions, gender identities, ages, and abilities. Our customer base mirrors the vast diversity of our world, and our employees reflect that same rich tapestry. We deeply acknowledge the wide spectrum of human experiences, and we actively strive to honour and celebrate this diversity.

Mr. Masood Mallick

Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer
At Re Sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and equity are the beating heart of our work culture. As a global organization, we wholeheartedly embrace the notion of cultivating a vibrant and inclusive workplace that cherishes and empowers individuals of all social, cultural, and gender backgrounds. We are resolute in our commitment to fostering an environment where every person can flourish, bringing forth their distinct perspectives and talents to drive our collective success.

Dr. Sujiv Nair

CHRO & CTO at Re Sustainability
Diversity is about the mix and inclusion is about making the mix work. Inclusion is a skill that takes empathy and practise and these are the key success factors to our continued business growth.

Diversity and Inclusion Council

  • Mr. Shujath Ali General Council & Chief Compliance Officer, Telangana
  • Mr. Amit Sharma Sr. General Manager, Operational Excellence, Telangana 
  • Mr. Venkat Ramana Vaddi Vice President, SCM, Telangana
  • Ms. Gayatri Dy. Manager, HR & Admin, Telangana
  • Ms. Sheela Reddy Dy. General Manager, HR & Admin, Telangana
  • Mr. Sunil Agarwal General Manager, Operations, Punjab
  • Ms. Padmavati Sr. Asst. Manager, F&A, Tamil Nadu
  • Ms. Thilini Asst. Manager, HR & Admin, Middle East
  • Ms. Neelchal Agrawal Sr. Dy. Manager, Business Development, Karnataka

Employee Testimonials

Diversity, inclusiveness, & women empowerment are the core tenets of our culture at Re Sustainability.

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Mr. Bobby Kurien
Even post my retirement from regular work at Re Sustainability, what keeps me going is loving what I do. Great work, worth doing, with significant benefits to the society and satisfaction in accomplishing.
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Ms. Gayathri
Women are equally strong and skilled as men. It took 6 years of continuous perseverance to change the status of campus placements from “Female students not eligible ” to “36% female students recruited” at Re Sustainability!
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One fine day I received a call from Re Sustainability offering a job. I was surprised and went to join immediately. I was encouraged by the team to work. I am very grateful to the team as I got a new identity and new hope in my life. I am doing my job with love and dedication.