ESG Approach To
  • Sustainability
Focused on Business Ecosystem, People & the Environment

Enabling Sustainable Growth Through the ESG Approach

Sustainability has been the cornerstone of Re Sustainability from its inception, over 25 years ago. Our commitment informs our endeavors to reimagine the world sustainably and is demonstrated in our commitment to building a robust business ecosystem, ensuring that we create value for our people and communities, and exemplify leadership in climate action, effective resource management, and environmental protection.

Our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) approach to sustainable growth and value creation ensure that these considerations guide all aspects of the business. Besides, Re Sustainability’s ESG Charter and comprehensive policies reflect our commitment to the framework.

Our ESG Objective

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, our ESG framework is designed to take actions that make the world a more sustainably developed place. Innovating for a circular economy, demonstrating climate leadership, and improving environmental quality are some of our top commitments.

  • EnvironmentWe as a steward of nature follow the strategic use of natural resources and enable sustainable operations to positively impact the environment.
  • SocialWith our Social criteria guide, we manage positive and long-lasting relationships with people & communities while promoting a sustainable future.
  • GovernanceThe governance element of ESG covers our leadership, decision-making, internal controls, risk management, audits, and shareholder rights, among other aspects.

ESG-Driven Sustainability Framework

Our sustainability strategy is built on three pillars that align with the ESG approach: the Business Ecosystem, People, and the Environment..

Our sustainability business spans numerously developed and emerging economies of different parts of the globe. We provide integrated environmental solutions to businesses and allow them to avail of manifold sustainable ecosystem benefits.

  • Clean Water & Sanitation
  • Decent Work & Economic Growth
  • Sustainable Cities & Communities
  • Affordable & Clean Energy
  • Indsutry, Innovation & Infrastructure
  • Partnerships For The Goals
  • Provide Environmental Solutions to Emerging EconomiesFrom providing clean water to affordable & clean energy generation, our partnerships span a broad spectrum.
  • Build Sustainable, Resilient Models and PartnershipsWhether it’s economic growth, industrial growth, or partnerships, we always go extra miles for sustainable development.
  • Act Ethically and Ensure ComplianceEthical work and responsible consumption are the SDGs-driven values we always advocate for.
2 Mn MT Waste diverted from landfills annually
Operational presence in 21 Indian states and in 11 countries
11.3 MT (PA) per annum of waste handled scientifically

At Re Sustainability, people are our greatest asset, and we ensure seamless interactions with partners, employees, external partners, vendors, and local communities. We further deliver social benefits through our comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

  • Good Health & Well-being
  • Decent Work & Economic Growth
  • Reduce Inequalities
  • Quality Education
  • Gender Equality
  • Responsible Consumption & Production
  • Positively Impact Communities Wherever We AreBe it ensuring public health, quality of education, or gender equality, our approach impacts diverse aspects.
  • Enhance Wellbeing, Safety and Health at WorkFrom well-being to decent work and economic growth, we cover an array of SDGs through our ESG approach.
  • Promote Diversity and Equality of OpportunitiesWe work toward ensuring diversity in terms of gender equality and economic opportunities for development.
72k+ CSR beneficiaries
53 Locations Enhanced Safety Drive
10 LGBTQ+ work force

We maintain the sustainability of the environment through our extensive ecosystem protection and waste management activities. With our end-to-end environmental solutions, we ensure maintaining energy efficiency, a low carbon footprint, and building a circular economy.

  • Responsible Consumption & Production
  • Sustainable Cities & Communities
  • Climate Action
  • Indsutry, Innovation & Infrastructure
  • Innovate Technologies for a Circular EconomyWe’re enthusiastic about adopting innovative capabilities for accelerating the transformation to a circular economy.
  • Demonstrate Climate Leadership and Net Negative Carbon StatusAll our services and solutions contribute significantly to climate action and climate leadership.
  • Improve Environmental Quality and Mitigate PollutionOur environmental management services help crate green and sustainable urban areas for the future.
~341 Million Units Electricity per year from WTE
40% Fleet consists of EV and CNG vehicles
~2415 Kwp clean renewable energy

Adding Value to Sustainability Through ESG

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