Enabling Sustainability
  • Across Industries 
Through sector-specific technologies & solutions

Environmental Services Tailored for Distinctive Industries

Re Sustainability provides end-to-end environmental solutions to a wide range of industrial sectors. We help manage safe, compliant, and efficient waste management to attain sustainability.



Competitive automotive manufacturers can count on us to manage waste as per regulatory compliance. They can further utilize Compressed Biogas for managing operations.


Helping distinctive healthcare & pharmaceutical domains to collect & dispose of rejected, expired, & used biomedical waste to meet environmental regulations.


Our customized, safest, and scientific waste management approach helps the construction sector manage demolition debris & other construction waste.


Helping communities, colleges, universities, and other educational entities understand environmental sustainability and maintaining cleanliness around.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Offering a broad portfolio of managing hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste including toxic substances, chemicals, radioactive waste, etc.


End-to-end management of municipal solid waste collected from residential & commercial spaces for further transportation, treatment, disposal, & recycling.

Oil & Gas

Serving oil & gas field clients with the effective management of solid and gaseous hazardous waste for disposal or making useful products with no wastage at all.

Steel & Metals

Vast experience in managing residual material from the steel & metal industry to minimize the risk factor. As sustainability experts, further extract value from materials.

Power Generation

Expertise in managing waste generated from natural gas storage, petroleum facilities, pumping facilities, and various commodities terminals.