Giving Back to
  • Society
Through Purpose-Driven Initiatives & Activities

Working For the Betterment of Community

Re Sustainability’s ultimate objective is to ensure sustainability of the planet and its people. Our CSR efforts attempt to complement the focus on sustainable environment and help the communities adjoining the areas served by Re Sustainability. The initiatives are designed not just for the social and economic development of the country and its people, but also for creating sustainable environmental impact. people and environment remain the focus of our CSR programs. We cover a vast range of areas through CSR, including Natural Resource Management, Rural Development, Health, Education, and Skill Development.

Promoting Health Extensively

As part of our sustainable CSR initiative, we promote health across the country by emphasizing mainly key aspects like safe drinking water, hygiene & sanitation, childcare, maternal care, and preventative care. All our efforts address the rising healthcare challenges and provide valuable solutions.

Safe Drinking Water
8 RO plants and 1 water dispenser / cooler (in a women’s college) across 5 states.
Maternal & Child Healthcare
The construction of aanganwadi school is complete and 45 children attend it regularly.
Sanitation Facilities In School
1,500 students and 60 teachers.

Enhancing Educational Reach

We fully support the initiative of the Integrated School Holistic Approach (ISHA) that helps government schools in India assist students in different forms. As per this educational program, government schools help students to avail of student scholarships, uniforms, study materials, construction of new classrooms, enhancing sanitation, safe drinking water, refurbishing existing infrastructure, etc.

Moreover, we enabled students in Dundigal, Telangana to gain free of charge access to Vidya Volunteers and paid for the honoraria of the volunteers.

Natural Resource Management

For the effective utilization and management of natural resources, we have partnered with the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). It enables the farmers to converse and manage various natural resources like soil and water with sustainable agricultural practices. We have introduced farmers to organic farming, intercropping, chemical-free cultivation, and sustainable farming in tribal communities.

Enriching Rural Development

Our efforts in rural development in India is fully committed to making rural communities' life better and hassle-free by making sustainable changes across their surroundings. As part of our rural development CSR initiative, we have upgraded the drainage system, constructed facilities like a community hall, installation of solar lights, safe drinking water infrastructure, built lavatories, etc.

Women’s Empowerment

Through our initiatives in the realm of women empowerment, we have supported them to become self-relevant. We assist women in learning income-generating skills & financial management.

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Skill Development and Training

We strive hard to ensure that marginalized communities learn self-employment skills and appropriate livelihood opportunities at our vocational training skill development centers.

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The CSR Committee

  • Mr B S Shantharaju
    Chairman and Independent Director
  • Mrs Hwee Hua Lim
    Non-Executive Director
  • Mr M. Goutham Reddy
    Managing Director, ReSL
  • Mr. Rohan Suri
    Non-Executive Director
  • Dr Sujiv Nair