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Empowering the Future: Driving Change through Infrastructure in Government Schools

Enhancing Educational Reach
Extensive research and psychological investigations have consistently demonstrated the influential role of school environments and infrastructure in shaping academic performance. A pleasant and conducive learning atmosphere, coupled with facilities that prioritize hygiene and health, not only fosters regular attendance but also leads to improved learning outcomes and academic achievements.

A prime example highlighting the significance of infrastructure improvement can be observed at Mehtab Devi Mishrimal Agarwal Govt. Senior Secondary School in Gandhipura, Barmer District, Rajasthan. The school faced severe inadequacies in terms of classrooms, as a single room was forced to accommodate lessons for students from three different classes. In certain cases, teaching even occurred in uncovered spaces.

The space constraints became particularly challenging during inclement weather and hot summers, causing numerous difficulties for both students and staff. However, under the ISHA program, Re Sustainability stepped in to provide a remarkable solution. Six additional classrooms were constructed, effectively addressing the space shortage, and an RO plant was installed to ensure the availability of safe drinking water. The positive impact was immediately evident, with student enrolment rising from 600 to 750, and noteworthy improvements in academic performance observed across all classes.

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