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Our Sustainable Plastic Recycling Minimizes waste generation, mitigates environmental damage.

At Re Sustainability, we recognize the urgent need to address the issue of plastic waste. With an estimated 3.4 million MT of plastic waste produced in India each year, it’s crucial to properly manage and recycle this waste to minimize its impact on the environment and human health.

Unfortunately, only a small portion of this plastic waste is currently being properly managed and recycled. Improper disposal, such as burning plastic, can release toxic chemicals and gases that harm human health and the environment. To address this issue, we offer end-to-end plastic recycling solutions that involve collecting waste plastic from households and businesses and processing it effectively.

We are certified to handle ocean-bound plastics and have a strong infrastructure to process them. By recycling plastic waste, including ocean-bound plastics, we can help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills, oceans, and other ecosystems. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to handle all types of plastics, and we’re committed to minimizing waste and promoting the reuse of resources.

5000 TPD of plastics recycled into valuable products
4 Well-Equipped Plastics Recycling Facilities Across India
Ocean bound plastics Certified Recycler

From collection to formulation, our recycling services turn plastic waste into resources

  • Collection An extensive network of waste collection staff and vehicles.
  • Sorting Well-defined sorting process to speed up the recycling process.
  • Shredding We use modern shredders to efficiently shred diverse plastic types.
  • Washing Automated plastic waste washing for decontamination & efficiency.
  • FormulationFormulation optimization ensures that we achieve the desired properties
  • Extrusion Conversion of plastic waste from solid to liquid for completing the cycle

Balancing the Ecological Equation Through Waste to Energy Generation

  • Treating Non-Recyclable PlasticsWe re-route the non-recyclable plastics like composite, wrapping paper, & bioplastics for energy generation.
  • Plastic Waste to EnergyUtilizing non-recycled plastics generates energy in the form of heat or electricity to serve different purposes for industries.
  • Environmental SafetyWe employ digital systems to meticulously track and trace all plastic materials entering our facility, ensuring complete transparency in our supply chain management.

Plastic Waste Recycling Services Showcase

Mechanized Plastic Recycling Equipment

Systematic Transfer of Plastic Waste

Segregation of Different Plastic Waste

View of Our Plastic Recycling Facility