Recycling Paper
  • Waste
For mitigating the environmental costs of paper production

Efficient Paper Recycling For reducing carbon footprint, boosting sustainability

Paper is an essential material in both our personal and professional lives, and its demand continues to rise at an unprecedented rate. Approximately 400 million metric tons of paper waste are generated globally each year.

As a leading provider of sustainability solutions, we understand the impact of this demand on our planet. To reduce the paper waste footprint and promote a sustainable future, we provide end-to-end paper waste management and recycling solutions that maximize the usage, reuse, and recycling of all types of paper. Our advanced, technologically-driven facilities located throughout India are equipped to handle even the most complex paper recycling requirements. By offering reliable services, we help cut down on tree consumption, protect the environment, and ensure a better future for generations to come.

20,320 Tons Of Paper Managed In FY 2020-21
10000 MT of Collected & Paper recycled per annum
Circularity Solutions For Paper to Achieve Zero Waste

Corrugated Paperboard Recycling Ensuring Sustainability Efforts

  • Abandoned cardboardsExpertise In Converting Commercially Abandoned Cardboard Waste Into Useful Products.
  • Packaging Materials End-To-End Collection, Shredding, And Baling Of Waste Cardboard To Turn It Into Useful Packaging Material.
  • Cardboard RecyclingRecycling Cardboard From All Kinds Of Sources Like Shoe Boxes, Cereal Boxes, Products, Egg Cartons, Etc.
  • Waste to products Converting The Cardboard Waste Into A New Set Of Boxes, Packing Material, Paper Bags, Towels, And Other Products.

Confidential Paper Shredding for Protecting Critical Business Data

  • Paper Shredding Services To Maintain The Confidentiality Of Business Information.
  • Shredding Important Papers In Compliance With Sensitive Information Policy.
  • Bulk Paper Shredding Expertise Helps Enterprises Securely Dispose Of Documents And Contracts.
  • Providing on-site or doorstep paper collection assistance for shredding purposes.