Protecting the Environment with
  • ELV Recycling
Efficient material recovery, responsible disposal of hazardous waste

End-of-Life-Vehicle Recycling For Reducing the Environmental Load & Enabling a Circular Economy

End-of-life vehicles (ELVs) are automotive products that have reached their end of operations. And if left stranded will cause extreme pollution & waste accumulation in the environment. Re Sustainability has been an active partner in recycling ELVs by offering nationwide facilities and services. With environmental sustainability and creating a circular economy deeply integrated into our core business activities, we provide unfit and stranded vehicle recycling services.

With the automotive industry is expanding rapidly, the number of ELVs is increasing at an exponential rate. And it’s leading significant environmental degradation. To minimize and reduce the carbon footprint along with taking out vehicle fluids, we recycle, recreate, and restore useful parts for remanufacturing operations. As part of our ELV services, we utilize advanced technology and cost-effective methods in first dismantling vehicle parts, recycling automotive materials, and ultimately lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Nationwide ELV Management Network
Commitment to Fulfilling Sustainable Solutions
Reducing Vehicle's Greenhouse Gas Emission

From Safe Dismantling & Recovery to Responsible Recycling & Disposal

  • Auto DismantlingEnd-to-end dismantling of parts of end-of-life vehicles to minimize the toxic waste footprint.
  • Managing ToxicityContaining hazardous components like lead batteries & mechanical oils.
  • Secondary UsageRecycling material for secondary use including engine, tires, & body parts.
  • Waste DisposalThe components left are put under shredders for further waste disposal.