Creating Sustainable
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In Collaboration With Innovators & Change Makers

Fostering Innovation for a Sustainable Tomorrow 

At Re Sustainability, we aim to create an extensive sustainable impact across regions. Re-imagining this future is incomplete without your innovative support. For creating a waste-free ecosystem, we partner with start-ups and leading enterprises to foster new sustainable ideas & implement technologies. We welcome individuals, groups, and organisations to become enablers of social and sustainable transformation. And help us build a low-carbon, circular economy, and a sustainable future.

A Flurry of Sustainability-FocusedActions for Creating Impact

From waste collection and segregation to safe transportation, industrial effluent treatment,
and municipal waste recycling – we cover an extensive range of services.

  • Waste Segregation & TreatmentBy offering 100% environment-conscious waste management, we contribute to the global sustainability movement.
  • Recycling & Resource RecoveryOur exceptionally efficient recycling not just reduces waste generation but also creates recycled plastic.
  • Community Service & EngagementRe Sustainability proactively engages with and gives back to the local communities across the region.
  • Waste to Energy Generation With next-gen waste to energy generation, we make noteworthy contributions to accelerating sustainability-focused actions.
  • Decarbonization & Circular EconomyDramatically reducing carbon footprint across industries and processes we passionately work for a circular economy.
  • Women Empowerment InitiativesWith a vast network of women professionals and all-women teams in place, we make women empowerment a central agenda.

What We Offer

Financial support up to INR 5 crore

Financial support up to INR 5 crore

Our financial support programs are designed to encourage innovation in environmental management.

One-to-one mentoring programs

We help innovators and entrepreneurs with mentoring and guidance from experts in environmental engineering.

Go to market support

Our support programs help needy individuals and communities to enter the market with their innovative sustainability solutions.

Customized incubation programs

Incubation programs that enable and empower individuals and groups to make an impactful contribution to sustainability.

Technology validation

We rely on the most advanced breed of environmental engineering technologies to deliver best-in-class services.

Long-term partnership

We believe in nurturing long-term partnerships not just with clients but with other sustainability-focused organizations too.