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Waste to Product Conversion

Ensuring no waste is dispersed in the surroundings and creating value out of it. Re Sustainability handles and manages more than 5 million tons of municipal solid waste every year. Not only this, we manage 2000 to 6,500 tons of waste every day and have the capacity to handle the treatment and disposal of waste on a large scale. Additionally, we have the expertise to reduce the footprint of carbon generated out of distinctive solid waste material by converting it into useful compost.

Manage more than 5 million tons of solid waste

Recycling Organic Municipal Waste Into Compost

As the largest producer of compost in India, we have the expertise to create compost products out of unrecycled municipal solid waste products to secure distinctive landfill areas. Here, we have generated thousands of tons of compost through our distinctive municipal solid waste management processes and the efforts of a skilled team of experts. Specifically, we have recovered 83,678 MT of compost in 2021 and contributed extensively towards environmental sustainability..

Turning Combustible Waste Components Into
Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

Municipal solid waste that cannot be recycled or converted into compost still has its value to the environment in the form of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). As the largest producer of refuse-derived fuel in India, we produce an extensive quantity of RDF from domestic and industrial solid waste in the form of plastics, metals, glass, and other materials. Our professional team of experts segregates biodegradable and non-biodegradable material for removing residual material during the shredding process.

We produce refuse-derived fuel with high calorific value and further use at heat and power plants. RDF is extensively used in our Waste to Energy Plants and the remaining is sent to distinctive cement factories in India to ensure optimum usage factor. Not only this, the rejected RDF and cement factory ash are not left untreated but scientifically managed by us by sending it to a sanitary landfill. Also, in the year 2020-21, we generated approximately 10,500 tonnes of refuse-derived fuel (RDF).

Transforming Toxic Methane Gas Into Green & Renewable Compressed Biogas (CBG)

Extensive accumulation of greenhouse gases like methane, toxic odors, toxic leachates into the ground, and fumes arising out of frequent fires and gases arising out of landfills bring significant damage to the environment. It can further lead to extreme climate crises and needs to be stopped with sustainable efforts. We at Re Sustainability have India’s largest compressed biogas plant at Hyderabad Integrated Municipal Solid Waste (HiMSW) site that captures the green generated gases that arise out of waste sites and convert such toxic gases into Compressed Biogas that can be further used for the automotive industry. We are one of the major contributors towards converting toxic wasteland gases, reducing carbon sequestration, controlling emissions, and generating Compressed Biogas. Moreover, we have received CII GreenCo Most Innovative Award to Large Scale Compressed Biogas Plant at HiMSW, 2021.

Our Municipal Solid Waste Management Services

Collection & Transportation

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Treatment, Disposal & Recycling

Waste management is an imperative process to reduce the effect of the solid, liquid, and gaseous state of different waste on the environment and human lives...

Waste to Energy Generation

Accumulation of municipal solid waste from distinctive sources and in different forms poses a serious threat to the environment. With the increasing proliferation of ...

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