Treatment & Recycling of
  • Solid Waste
to Enhance the Ecosystem

Waste Treatment, Disposal & Recycling

Waste management is an imperative process to reduce the effect of the solid, liquid, and gaseous state of different waste on the environment and human lives. End-to-end management of waste can help dispose of various unnecessary materials, and recycle or make products out of some valuable resources.

At Re Sustainability, we manage the waste for you with the expertise in strategically processing different municipal wastes for the betterment of the planet. Our experts start with the right sorting of waste products and subsequent value recovery to an optimum level. We sort plastic, glass, construction debris, and metals. Post recovery, we ensure the scientific disposal of all the waste to prevent pollution effects on the ecosystem.

Extended capabilities to process waste between 2000 tons to 6500 tones per day

Eco-Friendly Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste

We follow a 360-degree waste treatment process for segregation and treatment. Our services cover a variety of waste types, including plastics, non-combustibles, textiles, paper, and wood waste. An array of treatment facilities across India process high volumes of municipal solid waste characteristics to reduce the amount of accumulated garbage, enhance recovery, and identify disposal.

In this sorting stage, we identify the waste that has no recovery value and dispose of it safely with no harm to the environment and people. At the same time, we recover value from sorted waste following different industrial requirements.

Efficiently Disposing of Solid Waste of All Kinds

Re Sustainability offers the broadest range of waste treatment and disposal assistance options in handling hazardous, non-hazardous, and biomedical wastes across India. With unmatched waste disposal facilities, we meet your needs to collect, store, and dispose of waste from every industry without any environmental impacts.

Our wide assortment of waste treatment and disposal services helps dispose of waste collected from different sectors through distinctive options like a landfill, incineration, recycling, and more.

Recycling Waste Into Useful Resources

To reduce the waste impact on the ecosystem, it is imperative to derive optimum value through in-depth identification, sorting, treatment, and then recycling. Re Sustainability offers numerous alternatives to waste disposal by recycling, reusing, and reclaiming options at a reduced cost. We recycle a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial, municipal, and biomedical waste including metals, paper, solvents, chemicals, oil, electronics, batteries, and more.

Our Municipal Solid Waste Management Services

Collection & Transportation

At Re Sustainability, we have strategic waste collection methodologies to organize solid and semi-solid wastes collected from the household, commercial, and ...

Waste to Energy Generation

Accumulation of municipal solid waste from distinctive sources and in different forms poses a serious threat to the environment. With the increasing proliferation of ...


Ensuring no waste is dispersed in the surroundings and creating value out of it. Re Sustainability handles and manages more than 5 million tonnes of municipal solid waste...

Sustainable Impact of Municipal Solid Waste Management


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Insights Into Waste Treatment & Processing

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