Municipal Solid Waste

Collection & Transportation

At Re Sustainability, we have strategic waste collection methodologies to organize solid and semi-solid wastes collected from the household, commercial, and street areas. We provide door-to-door waste collection, sweeping, and transportation facilities to reduce environmental effects. Here, we serve the purpose of minimizing municipal solid waste from distinctive surroundings across the country to minimize environmental impact and improve sustainability. Our expert team of municipal solid waste management professionals helps collect and safely transport waste without any direct impact on the ecosystem. Re Sustainability shares stronghold association and partnership with multiple municipalities for the timely and reliable collection of waste to keep cities and semi-urban areas go clean.

Our Municipal Solid Waste Service Segregation

Treatment, Disposal & Recycling

Waste management is an imperative process to reduce the effect of the solid, liquid, and gaseous state of different waste on the environment and human lives.

Waste to Energy Generation

Fueling a Greener Tomorrow Transforming Waste into Energy Reducing Carbon Footprint With Waste To Energy Conversion At Re Sustainability, we handle over 5 million tons of municipal solid waste annually and recognize the importance of sustainable waste management practices. With the increasing generation of waste, traditional waste management practices such.


Converting Waste into Products For a Zero-Waste Future Turning Waste Into Resources: Reducing Environmental Impact Re Sustainability is a trusted leader in the management of municipal solid waste, with a capacity to handle and manage more than 5 million tons of waste every year. Our commitment to sustainability is evident.