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Empowering Sustainability And

Creating Environmental Values

Re Sustainability, Asia’s leading integrated waste management & environmental maintenance service provider is fully committed to reducing waste & enhance spaces. We provide collective services in the collection and treatment of municipal, industrial, recycling, and biomedical waste.

Our commitment to ensuring sustainability in action along is embedded with creating a circular economy. We address key environmental issues and support our customers to fulfil their sustainability objectives along with safeguarding the ecosystem.

Delivering a Custom Roadmap to

Create A future with Zero waste

Hazardous Waste Management

Carefully & extensively collecting, transporting, and disposing of hazardous waste to minimize risk factors.

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Biomedical Waste Management

Reducing the solid, liquid, or hazardous medical waste footprint by serving clinical establishments at large.

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A step towards building a circular economy, we recycle industrial, residential, and commercial waste into useful products.

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Guiding the impact of a sustainable future and different ways to lower environmental abuse with integrated services.

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Facilities Management

Maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and sanctity around professional areas with distinctive sustainable facilities.

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Our Worldwide Sustainable Impact

Our Worldwide Sustainable Impact - ReSustainability
  • 07 Million

    Tones Waste Managed Annually

  • 2 Million

    Trees Saves Across the Region

  • 27+ MV

    Electricity Produced


  • 01 Million

    Tones of Industrial Waste Handled

  • 46500

    Tones Biomedical Waste Safely

  • 4.5 Million

    Tones of Municipal Solid Waste

  • 50,000+

    Parking Lots Managed

  • 46500

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  • 4.5 Million

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Re Sustainability in Action-oriented

Eco-friendly Collection & Transportation at Chennai - ReSustainability

Eco-friendly Collection & Transportation at Chennai

To make the city ecosystem of Chennai clean and sustainable, we implemented Chennai C&T (waste collection and transportation) system project. With the help of our expert team, we endeavored 100% waste segregation, collection, and transportation while covering 115.5 square kilometers. The C&T project was implemented with full effect with the assistance of 850 electric vehicles, 15 compactors, and 15 mechanical sweepers...
Technology-Enabled Waste Collection & Transportation - ReSustainability

Technology-Enabled Waste Collection & Transportation

To enhance Hyderabad's garbage management system, we conducted an extensive waste collection & transportation project with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. We enabled door-to-door collection of waste by making use of GHMC's Swachh auto trippers and compressing along with automated portable self-compactors (PSC). Also, we deployed ...
Recycling Bottom Ash into Construction Materials to Reduce Landfill Waste - ReSustainability

Recycling Bottom Ash into Construction Materials to Reduce Landfill Waste

Our Waste to Energy unit in Bawana, Delhi, generates around 350 MT of bottom ash daily and converts the same into construction-related products. The rapid accumulation of bottom ash generated at power plants out of solid waste disposable can affect the environment and human health. To prevent adverse issues with the rise of bottom ash, ...
Generated Power Through 1,200 Tons Per Day Refuse Derived Fuel - ReSustainability

Generated Power Through 1,200 Tons Per Day Refuse Derived Fuel

With an objective to make this world sustainable and waste-free, in 2020, we set up a 19.8 MW waste-to-energy plant in Hyderabad. As part of our waste management facility in Jawaharnagar, Hyderabad, we made close collaborated with Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited, Telangana Pollution Control Board, and other...

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