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Sustainable Collection & Transportation Solutions in Chennai

To make the city ecosystem of Chennai clean and sustainable, we have implemented the Chennai C&T (Waste Collection and Transportation) System project. Through the collaborative efforts of our expert team, we have strived to achieve efficient waste segregation, collection, and transportation.

As part of our commitment to inclusivity and empowerment, Manali, one of the four zones in Chennai, has taken a pioneering step by employing an all-female staff. This dedicated team has consistently achieved an impressive source segregation rate of over 95% showcases our commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and gender empowerment in Chennai.

The Chennai C&T project stands as a pioneering and exemplary initiative in the field of waste management, specifically designed for the Greater Chennai Municipal Corporation. Our primary objective is to ensure sustainable waste management practices, including effective waste segregation at the source.

Equipped with 850 electric vehicles, 15 mechanical sweepers, and 15 compactors, our waste collection and transportation system operates round the clock. The infrastructure is enabled with deep technology and IoT integration, facilitating door-to-door collection of pre-segregated waste from households, market areas, and public places.

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