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Waste to Energy

Accumulation of municipal solid waste from distinctive sources and in different forms poses a serious threat to the environment. With the increasing proliferation of urbanization and industrialization, there is a rapid increase in municipal solid waste across the surroundings. To reduce the impact and create something sustainable out of non-recycled and non-compostable solid waste, we recover energy by using combustion processed and followed by other steps;

At Re Sustainability, we have the largest capacity for converting waste to energy in India. We have 44 MW operational waste-to-energy renewable power facilities installed across India. Here, we have identified the required conversion of municipal solid waste into different forms as the best method to manage the extensive accumulation of waste.

By using our technically advanced infrastructure and equipment facilities, we follow a step-by-step power generation process after accumulating a large quantity of solid waste.

To convert waste into a useful energy source, we first segregate the non-recycled and non-compostable waste, followed by a storage process. With help of our waste-to-energy experts, we implement a thorough combustion process to recover thermal energy in the form of steam. Followed by power generation through steam and other required steps. Here, we ensure full-fledged monitory compliance for the safe generation of energy from municipal waste products.

We have had the largest waste energy plants in India, specifically in the Bawana region, in Delhi, since 2017. Here, the skilled team of Re Sustainability converts waste into a clean and usable source of en-ergy along with extracting valuable raw materials for the environment. Our waste-to-energy plant not just creates useful elements but further minimizes the amount of waste that ends up in unnecessary landfills.

Our Municipal Solid Waste Service Offerings

Collection & Transportation

Safe Waste Collection & Transportation  For Healthier Urban Environments Technologically Advanced and Environmentally Sustainable MSW Collection & Transportation Fleet At Re Sustainability, we are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for municipal solid waste management. Our state-of-the-art command control services and modern transfer stations are equipped with real-time monitoring.

Treatment, Disposal & Recycling

Waste management is an imperative process to reduce the effect of the solid, liquid, and gaseous state of different waste on the environment and human lives.


Converting Waste into Products For a Zero-Waste Future Turning Waste Into Resources: Reducing Environmental Impact Re Sustainability is a trusted leader in the management of municipal solid waste, with a capacity to handle and manage more than 5 million tons of waste every year. Our commitment to sustainability is evident.