Generating Value Out Of Solid
  • Waste
By Converting Into Useful Sources

Reducing Carbon Footprint With Waste to Energy Conversion

The accumulation of municipal solid waste from distinctive sources and in different forms poses serious threats to the environment. With rapidly growing urbanization and industrialization, the generation of municipal solid waste has skyrocketed. To reduce the impact and create something sustainable out of non-recycled and non-compostable solid waste, we recover energy by using combustion processes, followed by other steps.

336 million units generated from 2 WTE plants with capacity of 43.8 MW

How Waste to Energy Benefits the Environment

  • Ensure strict compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Reduce the rapid emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Help reduce landfill waste volumes & manage capacity.
  • Create an additional source of revenue for businesses.

Making Impact Through Waste to Energy Conversion

With 44 MW waste-to-energy production facilities across India, we’re a leading contributor to sustainable development in the country. To make waste-to-energy generation process streamlined and cost-effective, we utilize refuse derived fuel (RDF) generated at our facilities for achieving zero carbon footprint.

  • Ultramodern InfrastructureBy using our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we ensure efficient power generation from waste. A tried-and-tested process enables us to convert waste into a consumable energy source.
  • Efficient Waste to EnergyOur waste-to-energy experts help us implement a thorough combustion process to recover thermal energy in the form of steam.
  • Strict Legal ComplianceAnd at every step, we adhere to sustainability best practices and environmental laws related to energy generation from municipal waste.

Technology-Powered Waste Management for Unmatched Efficiency

  • Next-gen moving grate incineration for processing mixed solid waste.
  • Ultramodern economizer to reduce energy consumption to <10%
  • Advanced analytics for monitoring waste to energy generation.
  • IoT-enabled vehicles for fast & efficient waste transportation.

Waste to Energy Plants Redefining Environmental Services

  • Our largest waste-to-energy plant in Delhi operational since 2017.
  • Conversion of waste to clean and usable energy at exceptional rates.
  • Extraction of valuable raw materials for re-use.
  • Reduction of the volumes of solid waste ending up on landfills.

Sustainable Impact of Municipal Solid Waste Management


Tonnes Handled
Per Day


States In


Years Of

24 MW

Largest WTE
In India

End-To-End Process of Converting Waste to Energy

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