Driving Environmental Sustainability

With Support Of High-End Technologies

Technology We Rely Upon

Re Sustainability imbibes innovativeness with the aid of advanced technologies to raise the performance of our operational standard. We have a stronghold position to offer environmentally sustainable solutions to create a positive impact on the ecosystem and human health.

Digital Technology

We have an updated on-premise server based on Google Platform Service- Private Cloud infrastructures. It enables us to provide efficient performance, app development, scalability, and service reliability. At Re Sustainability, we have combined our technical capabilities with Google solutions and performance-oriented architectures. This collaboration allows our professional team of experts to work remotely from any location and access functionalities to offer end-to-end sustainable solutions. Moreover, our internal team is highly trained in access Productivity tools to perform remote work and support people's tech requirements.

Data Security

Re Sustainability has framed strict and strategic policies, procedures, and controls for the secured productive operations best trusted by our customers, partners, and employees. We have implemented secure internal controls for the safe collection and transmission of information while maintaining the privacy of our stakeholders. Here, we have deployed effective identify and access management to ensure data security, operational efficiency, and managing risk effectively. Moreover, we have also implemented the latest technology of Google-enabled security to prevent spam, phishing attacks, and more.

Data Privacy

Keeping the privacy of data intact is one of our technology processes helping control and prevent data leakage. We have devised technically advanced data mechanisms and tools to fully protect the privacy of data at the enterprise and individual levels. Our end-to-end encryption security mechanism prevents malware from affecting the inbound and outbound transfers. Additionally, we have also implemented firewalls, patch management, AV, and utilities to mitigate the risk factor against data threats.