Municipal Solid Waste


Re Sustainability handles and manages more than 5 million tones of municipal solid waste every year. Not only this, we manage 200 to 6,500 tones of waste every day and have the capacity to handle the treatment and disposal of waste on a large scale. Additionally, we have the expertise to reduce the footprint of carbon generated out of distinctive solid waste material by converting it into useful compost.

As the largest producer of compost in India, we have the expertise to create compost products out of unrecycled municipal solid waste products to secure distinctive landfill areas. Here, have generated thousands of tons of compost through our distinctive municipal solid waste management processes and the efforts of a skilled team of experts. Specifically, we have recovered 48,000 tones of compost in 2021 and contributing extensively toward environmental sustainability.

Our Municipal Solid Waste Service Segregation

Collection & Transportation

Safe Waste Collection & Transportation  For Healthier Urban Environments Technologically Advanced and Environmentally Sustainable MSW Collection & Transportation Fleet At Re Sustainability, we are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for municipal solid waste management. Our state-of-the-art command control services and modern transfer stations are equipped with real-time monitoring.

Treatment, Disposal & Recycling

Waste management is an imperative process to reduce the effect of the solid, liquid, and gaseous state of different waste on the environment and human lives.

Waste to Energy Generation

Fueling a Greener Tomorrow Transforming Waste into Energy Reducing Carbon Footprint With Waste To Energy Conversion At Re Sustainability, we handle over 5 million tons of municipal solid waste annually and recognize the importance of sustainable waste management practices. With the increasing generation of waste, traditional waste management practices such.

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