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Waste Collection & Transportation Services

At Re Sustainability, we have strategic waste collection methodologies to organize solid and semi-solid wastes collected from household and commercial areas. We provide door-to-door waste collection, street sweeping, and waste collection transportation facilities to reduce environmental effects. Our 13 locations for municipal waste collection and transportation services help eliminate waste from distinctive regions and ensure proper management. The fully automated waste unloading & reloading transfer stations completely manage unsegregated waste for further processing & disposal.

4.1 million tons of waste collected and transported

This entire scientific management of waste collection, segregation, treatment & disposal is fully monitored directly from our interconnected Command Control Centre to enhance operational efficiency. This center tracks the movement of all GPS-enabled vehicles along with CCTV footage to get real-time visual information on collection from every household and commercial waste.

Here, we serve the purpose of minimizing municipal solid waste from distinctive surroundings across the country to minimize environmental impact. We also divert the untreated and unmanaged waste landfills for maximum resource recovery & eliminate waste footprint. Our expert team of municipal solid waste management professionals helps collect and safely transport waste without any direct impact on the ecosystem. Re Sustainability shares stronghold association and partnership with multiple municipalities for the timely and reliable collection of waste to keep cities and semi-urban areas go clean.

Stages of Waste Collection & Transportation

We, at Re Sustainability, make the entire municipal solid waste collection and transportation process streamlined using a predefined process. We adhere to international safety standards while ensuring eco-friendliness at every step.

  • Primary Collection & Segregation Our outbound waste collection vehicles, including electric vehicles, mechanical street sweepers, and bulk waste generators, pick unsegregated waste from residential and commercial areas to eliminate all open points of waste.
  • Secondary Collection & Transportation All the loads of waste collected from residential buildings, bins, streets, commercial areas, and other places are unloaded at our state-of-the-art facilities equipped with local transfer stations. Then, our fully automated systems re-load the waste to an IoT- & GPS-enabled long-distance fleet.
  • Transportation in Transfer StationsWe unload the waste from primary and secondary collection vehicles and load them into state-of-the-art transfer stations. The stations are fully equipped with next-gen capabilities to make sure the collection vehicles drop every single waste and reload to technically superior fleet systems.

Ultramodern Equipment for Efficient Waste Management

Our extensive municipal solid waste transportation capabilities are built upon our decades of experience in the industry. We manage complex waste collection and logistics operations across distinctive regions in India using next-gen technologies.

  • CompactorsOur vast fleet of residential, commercial, and public space waste compactors offers a compressed mechanism to compress waste for effective disposal at later stages.
  • Electric VehiclesWe rely on a fleet of 850+ EVs for door-to-door and public spaces waste collection. Our eco-friendly waste collection fleet features RFID systems to identify waste across regions. Besides, IoT-powered capabilities enable us to convert the waste management process to actionable insights.
  • Mechanical SweepersFor collecting extensive accumulation of waste across municipal spaces, we use mechanical sweepers to collect and transport the waste to our transfer and disposal stations. Every single piece of equipment is fitted with route optimization functionality to stay on track & reach the destination on time.
  • Conveyor SystemsWe deploy high-tech conveyor systems in our waste recycling facilities to optimize the daily handling of solid waste. Conveyor belts dramatically enhance the efficiency of recycling by enabling the transportation of large amounts of solid waste.

Our Municipal Solid Waste Services

Treatment, Disposal & Recycling

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Ensuring no waste is dispersed in the surroundings and creating value out of it. Re Sustainability handles and manages more than 5 million tonnes of municipal solid waste...

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